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Businesses Need Digital Marketing, Period.

Hi, this is Peter Kimmich, founder of Confidence Marketing. As consumers increasingly head to the Internet to make common purchases (and research the larger ones), small to medium businesses relying on only a brick-and-mortar presence are banking on customer loyalty, traditional tactics, and word of mouth to keep them in business.

Unfortunately, this “old-school” methodology will not always hold out against the clever promotions and marketing campaigns of your competitors, many of which take place online.

With 1.3 billion people on Facebook sharing one million links every 20 minutes, not being a part of the conversation simply does not make business sense. Even more important, the online tactics used by most businesses are cost effective, instantaneous, and highly trackable. The good news is that getting your small to medium business online – or, if you’re already online, streamlining your web presence – is simple, affordable, and effective.

Speak to us about creating a simple, functional business website, becoming more impactful in social media, and reaching your customers through email. If you already have online channels, talk to us about a complete digital strategy to maximize performance. It’s a small investment for a potentially bottomless payoff.

Contact us today to see where your business can go.

digital marketing
Peter Kimmich, Owner